10 reasons to use a professional copywriter

caaSometimes it appears that paying a professional copywriter to write your business communications (your brochures, newsletters, media releases, website, etcetera) is an unnecessary expense. Here are ten reasons to use a professional copywriter.

1. General knowledge

Good business and general knowledge is an absolute necessity for a copy-writer to avoid plagiarism, clichés and to ensure topicality. Making your material unique.

2. Qualifications

Specific knowledge is often not as important as academic training which provides researching and analyzing skills and the ability to formulate a convincing argument. Creating a response.

3. Specialised communications knowledge

Good communications goes beyond spelling and grammar to the effectiveness of written communications in different media and in different channels. Helping your readers to engage.

4. Delivery skills

Nowadays a copywriter needs to understand and utilise a range of software products that save time and money in creating and presenting information, particularly on the web. Providing efficient service to the client.

5. Commitment

It is important that professional copywriters are motivated towards delivering high quality work that is fit for the purpose and is delivered on time to agreed deadlines. Providing value for money.

6. Ethics

A professional copy-writer always meets a standard of behaviour towards a client that includes confidentiality and reliability. Guaranteeing a good business relationship.

7. Indemnity

If the result of work by professional copywriters results in legal proceedings or business problems the losses are covered by their professional indemnity insurance. Minimising customer risk

8. Efficiency

Professional experience means that material is created quickly without the wasted time that inexperienced writers create as they learn on the job. No wasted time, effort or money.

9. Management skills

Because copywriting projects involve other contributors, people-skills and industry knowledge are valuable in managing contributors as well as designers, proof-readers, web-architects, printers and photographers. Smooth delivery.

10. Creativity

Copywriting is an art as well as a science and professional writers have to make their material interesting to engage their readers. Magic!